söndag 25 januari 2009

Strolling and stealing

138 pictures, the first from the 6th of june, the last from the 12th. Looking out from the room in Pennsylvania hotell. Eleven, a number that stands out, here as an ordinary position sign in a subway rebuilding milieu.

A walk from the Staten Island ferry to Wall street. A walk towards and inside the China town. Some buildings close to City of New York. Some colour-rich sandalettes. Around Times Square. Waiting in the rain to come in to MoMa. Calder and Miró. Manhattan from Staten Island Ferry. Battery park. Asurviving squirrel. View over the water to New Jersey. Around Ground Zero. Around Pennsylvania Hotell. Grand central Station. An evening stroll close to Empire State building. Subway milieu.

Central Park and Wladyslaw Jagiello, founder of a new dynasty on the throne of Poland called the Jagiellons or Jagiellonians after him, was a Lithuanian. He ascended the Polish throne on the grounds of a Polish-Lithuanian Union signed at Krewo in 1385.

John Purroy Mitchel was the mayor of New York from 1914 to 1917, and at age 34 the youngest ever; he was sometimes referred to as "The Boy Mayor of New York".Guggenheim museum under reconstruction and Salvador Dali. The United nations Building and other huge buildings in the area.

Brooklyn Bridge with views. Another trip to Chinatown. Broadway subway station. Some pictures from Harlem on the way to Cotton Club. Young men in huge T-shirts. Empire State building – and on the top two doves. A mirror-house. Bryants park. Two policemen and streetpeole close to the hotel. Our room. Back home through the Lincoln tunnel to Newark airport. Manhattan looks fragile in the distance.